What is lifestyle photography? – This is where we use your home as the back drop, shoots usually take place in either the master bedroom or the nursery. Baby is usually photographed in their own clothing. The final images are more nostalgic and work wonderfully in an album. There are examples in my portfolio of lifestyle photography.

What is posed photography? – The posed style incorporates cute blankets, wraps and hats. Baby is usually photographed naked (with a nappy on but covered). The final images are more polished and work wonderfully as wall art. There are examples in my portfolio of posed photography.

Are you immunised? – Yes! I am fully immunised including seasonal influenza and whooping cough boosters.

Why do you deliver images via digital download instead of USB or CD? – I do this for a number of reasons. Firstly I am able to keep costs down by not supplying a USB and dealing with postage, this I pass on to you by keeping my prices as low as possible. Secondly I believe that like most technology USBs and CDs will soon be obsolete, this will leave you with a device that you may not be able to retrieve your images from in the future. And third I have a strong environmental ethic, not supplying a USB/CD reduces my carbon foot print dramatically, technology which is almost obsolete will not end up in landfill and it reduces the energy wasted on packaging and postage.

Are you insured?  – Yes! I have public liability insurance as well as business insurance.

How do we pay? – I accept payment in a number of ways, including pay pal, cash, bank transfer and credit cards.

Do you add on a surcharge for card payments? – No! I despise when businesses charge extra for paying card and so I absorb all payment fees.

Do you offer payment plans? – Yes! contact me for more information.

Do you have a studio? – No, I do not have a bricks and mortar studio, instead I shoot on location in clients homes. Their house effectively becomes a temporary studio, but don’t worry I do not need much space at all.

My child has special needs are you comfortable taking their photo? – Yes! As a NICU nurse and as a mother to two special needs children myself I am very comfortable around children with special needs, my portfolio features children with autism, trisomy 21, cardiac conditions and babies born prematurely.

I have twins, do you charge more for twins? – NO! I have not and will not ever charge more for multiples, be that twins, triplets or even quads!

Will you recreate this pinterst photo? – No, out of respect I will not copy other photographers work. I will work with you to deliver images which are unique and which you love!

Why do you still nurse? – Because I simply LOVE being a NICU nurse, I have tried to give it up in the past but it never sticks! Now I do about 50/50 nursing/photography. I feel my nursing helps me be a better photographer especially when it comes to babies with extra needs.

My newborn is already 2 weeks old, will you still take their photos? – Yes! children can be photographed at any time. I have had success with sleepy baby photos up to the age of 4 months and routinely take babies photos at 4 weeks of age. It is important to realise that in these images babies are often more awake and noticeably older than newborns because they are not as curly, but the photos are still super cute.

How have you reduced your carbon footprint? – I have a strong environmental ethic, as a business owner I have wanted to reduce my carbon foot print for my children and the children I photograph. I do not supply USB/CDs, this cuts down on packaging going to landfill and energy wasted on postage. I edit during the day using solar power. While I do use a car, my car is small and economical, I am looking at buying an electric car in the near future. I do not take land up with a studio, and energy running a studio. I have also started cutting back on the animal fibers I use in my photos. All old props and blankets are handed onto fellow photographers.

Do I have to sign a contract? – Yes, the contract will tell you exactly what to expect from the session and is to protect us both.

Will you share the images online/social media? – With your permission I would love to share your session online, facebook, blog, instagram and website. As a small business sharing images helps me market and consequently helps keep my pricing low. If you have chosen not to share your child on line for privacy reasons, I completely respect that and will not share your images.

Do you have a working with children check? – Yes! I have both a current working with children check as well as a police check, feel free to get in contact with me if you would like to see it.

Can I book you for a heartfelt session? – All Heartfelt sessions are booked through the Heartfelt phone number 1800 583 768, you can find more information on the HEARTFELT web page. If you would like to request me, you can make a request through them, I can not guarantee I will be available.