Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a Working With Children's check? Yes!

Are your immunisations up to date? Yes! This includes the annual flu shot and the whooping cough booster.

What happens if you are unwell? For the safety of your new addition I will always reschedule if I am unwell. Newborn's immune systems are underdeveloped and so while it may be slightly inconvenient it is in your babies best interest to postpone their session for a few days.

How long is a newborn photography session? Posed newborn sessions are roughly 15 minutes long, while lifestyle session are closer to 1 hour.

How come your sessions can be so short? There are a few reasons why my sessions are shorter than the average photographer. Firstly my experience with handling babies in the NICU for many years has given me a unique insight in to the behaviour of newborns, soothing newborns comes very naturally to me. Because I shoot in your home you are able to do some of the important preparation before I arrive (turning heaters on, undressing and feeding baby). Lastly I choose to pose babies very naturally, I call this baby led posing.

What is 'Baby Led Posing'? Baby Led Posing is a term which I have created to explain the way I pose babies. I prefer babies to look natural in their photographs, I gently place them on a soft blanket and they generally wiggle into a position which is comfortable for them. I then sometimes gently move an arm here, or a leg there to make it a little more flattering. This form of posing is very gentle on the babies and the end result is unique for each and every baby. Baby Led Posing is much quicker than the usual styled newborn photography as I am not spending a long time encouraging the baby into positions which do not come as naturally. Babies also do not need to be in as deep a sleep for Baby Led Posing.

Will you do a longer posed session? I am very passionate about my shorter posed newborn sessions and do not offer longer posed sessions. If you require more variety or sibling and family photos I recommend a Lifestyle session.

Can you include sibling or family photos? My lifestyle session includes sibling and family photos. My posed sessions are baby only with no sibling or family photos.

Do you use a studio? For your convenience I shoot on location using natural light in your home or at another location, I do not use a studio.

Can you recreate this pinterest pose? I pride my self on originality and creating artwork which is unique to you and your family consequently I do not recreate other photographers work. Before your session I discuss with you colours and what you like and dislike in order to create memories which you will love. I encourage the use of special blankets and clothing which has sentimental value, for example the gorgeous knitted cardigan from Auntie Betty or the crocheted blanket from the Nanna.