There seems to be a lot of similar questions which pop up when people are thinking about hiring a photographer for their birth. If your question is not on this page feed free to contact me HERE


Can I meet you?

Of course! I like to catch up with every client before you book in to make sure that we are a right fit.


Do you take photos down there?

I will take photos of what ever you want me to. If you have decided in our meeting that you want those photos and then during the birth change your mind I will completely respect your decision. Most of my Birth Photography clients want photos of the baby crowning as well as being born.


What happens if I have a cesarean section?

This depends entirely on a number of factors, if the section is planned or an emergency situation and the hospitals take on having them photographed. While I have photographed C Sections in the past each situation has been unique, there is definitely more chance of being admitted into planned Cesareans but even that is not a given. If you are wanting to have a photographer attend a C Section birth I highly recommend talking to your birth service provider as well as the obstetrician. 


What if you are not allowed into my Cesarean section?

Sometimes, even with all the planning there is a chance I am not allowed into the birth. Before hand I still take photos of everything I am allowed to, I then put my camera on automatic and hand it over to a midwife to take some photos of anything they can in the room. We can often get some wonderful images this way.


I am having a planned induction on a particular day, can I have a discount as you don't have to go on call?

Even with a planned induction I will be on call for you, there is a chance you could go earlier than your allocated date, there is a chance your induction date is delayed by the hospital.


What happens if you miss the actual birth?

I do everything in my power to get to your birth, if for reasons out of my control (such as a quick labour) I do miss the birth, I still come and take photos of bonding with baby afterwards. No refunds are given if the reason was out of my control.


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I understand dropping down to one wage can be hard so I offer awesome payment plans, no images or products are handed over until full payment is made.


Have you had your whooping cough immunisation?

Yes! I am fully up to date with immunisations.